日本社会の中でも、声なき声を発しながら、懸命に生きている“難民”がいます。  日本の難民問題☆知ろう・伝えよう・繋がろう・行動しよう!筑波大学社会貢献プロジェクトとして活躍中!

Nanmin Koryu-kai 2012

On December 8th, we are going to organize a big event which is called “Nanmin Koryu-kai (難民交流会)”!!

Here is the information below. You can share with your freiends. We're very looking forward to seeing you.

・Concept: meaningful event through a hot and pleasant interaction.

・Date: entry:13:00~ 13:00~17:00

・Place: NOVA HALL, small hall(ノバホール 小ホール)

※It locates in a place about 3minutes far from "Tsukuba" station, Tsukuba Express.

※TO REFUGEES: For travel cost, we'll offer you at least 1,000 yen, if you have any trouble, please let us know.→

・Contents: introduction of refugee problem and CLOVER, group work, exhibition of letters and paintings given by asylum seekers, etc.


English ver.

For Refugees

・Fees: Free