日本社会の中でも、声なき声を発しながら、懸命に生きている“難民”がいます。  日本の難民問題☆知ろう・伝えよう・繋がろう・行動しよう!筑波大学社会貢献プロジェクトとして活躍中!

















■日時:12月17日(土) 13:30開場/​14:00開始/17:30閉会

■場所:イーアスつくば2階 イーアスホールA、B  






◆難民申請者の方はこちらをクリック Click here! Application form for refugees or asylum seekers


◆英語使用希望者はこちらをクリック Click here! Application form English ver.


■お問い合わせ:cloveryouth@gmail.​com (CLOVER渉外担当)


14:00~14:05 オープニング・開会挨拶

14:05~14:40 報告:難民問題について (CLOVERより)

14:40~14:50 休憩

14:50~15:30 トークショ(難民申請者、ボランティア、弁護士の方々)

15:30~15:40 報告:タイ・メラキャンプの現​状


15:40~15:50 音楽演奏(難民申請者より)

15:50~16:00 休憩

16:00~16:50 ディスカッション(難民、ボランティア、専門家、学生、​みんなで「難民問題」についてにわかれて考えます)

16:50~17:00 エンディング・閉会挨拶

17:00~17:30 自由歓談


Invitation for our event "Nanmin Koryu-kai" 【from CLOVER】

Hello! I'm Kyohei!!

Nothing but for your cooperation, we were able to celebrate our second year anniversary about few weeks earliar! We thank you very much for your help.

Today, we are going to notice you about our coming event, "Nanmin Koryu-kai"!(*^。^*)

In this event, we are planning to have presentation on serious problems surrounding refugees, report on what we have done, and talk show including refugees. Of course, we will offer you an opportunity to discuss with people who have many types of backgrounds. Further more, we will have some entertainment as an ice break.

We are very looking forward to hearing your opinion and your latest activities. So please come and join us! Also, we would appreciate you very much if you noticed your acquaintance about our event (including refugees).

Here are details of our event,"Nanmin Koryu-kai". For refugees, we offer ¥1000 as a travel cost.

· Concept: Rethink about problems surrounding refugees through communications with Japanese and other refugees.

· Date: 12/17(Sat) entry:13:30~ start:14:00 closing:17:30

· Place: iias Tsukuba(イーアスつくば),hall A,B ※It locates in a place about 5minutes far from "Kenkyu-Gakuen" station, Tsukuba Express. To search for its accurate location, please click here→ For more details→ ※For travel cost, we'll offer refugees at least 1,000 yen, if h/she seems to have any trouble, please let us know.

· Fees: Adult:\500, High/Junior high school student:\300, elementary school student and under:free

· How to apply: Basically, we require you to have reservation. You can do that from URL below. The deadline is 12/15. URL: ※ If your acquaintance cannot access the internet, please let us know he/r 3.nearest station from he/r house (if he/r needs more, please let us know) number or e-mail ad 5.the language h/she can use.

· Organized by CLOVER ~Care & LOVE for Refugees~

If you have any questions, please be free to ask us. You can contact us here :